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Can American Agriculture Stand Together?

There are real threats to farming and ranching in America. Many well-funded forces want to drive as much animal agriculture out of business as possible – and with it, row crop production throughout our heartland. There are those who want consumers to turn their backs on the science and technology…

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Opinion: The Non-GMO Project – Creating Fake News At The Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store has become a parallel experience to reading political opinions online – half truths, emotional visuals, and the ability to exist in an echo chamber only interacting with others just like you. This means true transparency, science and understanding is being eliminated from the consumer experience.…

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Pig Farmers Make The Most Of Natural Resources To Reduce Food Loss

At Schwab Family Farm, my family is proud to be in the business of raising food for people all around the world. We have respect for our land and pigs, so it is important we make the most of the resources we have. Food security is a passion of mine,…

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