We are the Farmers and Ranchers of America

Consumers are having conversations about food production, but the voices of farmers and ranchers are frequently left out of the discussion. U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance creates a dialogue between consumers, farmers and ranchers, and in turn teaches consumers about how food is grown and raised. Why is this important? The people producing the food are the most qualified to tell the story.


Making Sense of the Data

Farmers and Ranchers have sustainability stories worth sharing, but the problem is that those stories are usually written in numbers. Take a look at these illustrated infographics to get a better look at the story behind the numbers.

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Hear What They
Have To Say

We took to the road to find out what farmers and ranchers are doing to emphasize sustainability and build toward continuous improvement. Watch our videos to find out.

Sustainability Report

Get The Inside Scoop By The Farmers And Ranchers Who Grow Your Food

81% of farmers and ranchers agree that customers of U.S.-grown crops and livestock are growing more concerned and focused on the environ­mental sustain­ability of the products they buy

87% of farmers and ranchers believe the practices currently used on their operations meet the environ­mentally sustain­able production standards demanded by end users like food companies, restaurants and manufacturing companies

74% of farmers and ranchers believe the agriculture industry has reached a level of environ­mental sustain­ability in production of U.S.-grown crops and livestock that should satisfy food companies